1. Cancellations

A charter deposit is payable upon booking the vessel. The balance of the charter fee is payable 31 days prior to commencement of charter. The Deposit is refundable providing notice of cancellation is given at least 1-month prior to vessel hire date. For cancellation less than 7 days prior to departure date, no refund will be given unless a replacement booking is obtained. Cancellations from 7 to 14 days prior to departure will incur a 25% cancellation charge.

Tui Yacht Charters Ltd reserves the right to cancel a charter: -

  • If the vessel is unavailable for charter due to damage.
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • If at the charter commencement date, Tui Yacht Charters is not satisfied with the ability of the charterers to sail, handle and navigate the charter vessel, or alternatively at any time during the charter period considers the vessel to be in an unsafe location, or if the actions of the charterers are endangering the vessel, its occupants or any third party, then Tui Yacht Charters reserves the right to terminate the charter and recall the vessel to any mooring that it considers to be secure.

2. Maritime New Zealand - Sailing Area

The vessel must remain in the designated Maritime New Zealand sailing area at all times with numbers of people not exceeding six, being the number allowed on board under the vessel’s Maritime New Zealand Charter License.

The vessel must be secure on anchor, swing-mooring or marina berth one-hour before darkness. Vessels must not manoeuvre within hours of darkness unless in an emergency.

3. Requirements during Charter

Charterers must adhere to current New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries regulations.

No animals/pets are allowed on the charter vessel.

Firearms are not allowed on the charter vessel.

Smoking is not permitted inside the vessel.

Rubbish must be returned to the marina for disposal.

Alcohol is not to be consumed in excess. It impairs judgement and may lead to an accident or drowning.

The charter vessel must at all times be under the control of the designated skipper.

The vessel must not be left unattended whilst at anchor for longer than 4-hours at any one time

4. Charter Conditions

Bookings are confirmed after the payment of an agreed Deposit. The balance of the Charter Fee is to be paid 31 days prior to the date of charter commencement.

A Damage Bond is payable upon joining the vessel. The Bond will be refunded within 72 hours after completion of the charter, less due deduction covering:

  • Damage to the vessel or loss of gear and equipment.
  • Cleaning of the vessel if returned in an unreasonable state.
  • Defrayment of costs due to vessel not being returned at the scheduled time (extenuating weather conditions being the exception)
  • Cleaning/maintenance fees - or if toilets are blocked.

(in the event of vessel damage, or adverse weather causing delays in checking the vessel, the 72 hour period may need to be extended and the charterer will be notified.)

5. Charter Insurance

The vessel is insured against fire, marine & collision risks. If during the charter period loss or damage is caused to the vessel or equipment, or third party property, the charterer is liable:

  • To the full extent of loss or damage that is not claimable against vessel insurers which would otherwise have been covered under the vessel policy but for the negligent actions of the charterer
  • To pay the $1,000 claim excess applying to the vessel's insurance policy, or a lesser amount if damage is under the excess level.
  • Equipment supplied is used by the charter party at their own risk.

Please remember - everyone must abide by the "rules of the road" when at sea.